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Monday, June 22, 2009

Bike Training--Dukes of Hazzerd-style

Got to Georgia and threw in a ride on Saturday. Aubie and I rode from Madison, Ga out to Rutledge, Ga and back for 22 miles. I found the 98 degree temp and 82% humidity w/ a 24mph headwind just special. How it can be 82% w/out a cloud in the sky freaked me out. Out of spite, on the ride home we stopped and ran a couple of 400's @ the track (1:40 & 1:53). One cool thing, though, we rode on the Dixie Highway (for real that's the name). Even w/ the heat conditions, I felt strong.

Today, we rode the same course and thankfully a storm blew in and we got rained on dropping the temperature down and even with the headwind the ride went good. I felt like I was dancing on the pedals the whole ride and never felt my gears. We finished w/ a short run off the bike to groove our legs for triathlon running.