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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bike Training

Popped tall for Spinning Class. Nothing exciting, just a spinning class. Ended up w/ a meeting in the a.m., so I didn't get my lunchtime workout in.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catchin' up on my Workouts

I got behind on my posts. Sometimes, my laptop doesn't load my blog (and I blame france). Although when George Bret gets fueled on a golf course and stars droppin' F-bombs, I manage to post; or Dude & Sweet smoke the Five-and-Under Fun Run.

Saturday: 1000yd Swim Time Trial in 18:30 & Michael in 17:51 & I lost my BlackBerry in my shoe.
Thursday: Medicine Ball Sprints: 25:54 w/ 6 400m interval (and I swallowed a bug during the second run).

No Excuses 5k

Cruised over to suckramento for the No Excuses 5k. Slowrunner77, his wife and daughter let me crash w/ them in Grass Valley (insert Ricky Williams joke here) at the in-laws and we got goin' for a Memorial Day race. This race adds a little wrinkle because they invent some wild handicap system that allows people to win by subtracting time versus crossing the line--it's still a little hazy. I misread my handicap and kept telling Slowrunner77 I had 11 seconds on him when actually I was more and he had to endure the whole "I'm standin' behind you but I'm really up the road 11 second in front of you" comments about one million, three 'hunerd forty-seven thousand, two 'hunerd & thirty-four times--or like 3 less beers than he's rated. For the record he erased the deficit within five 'hunerd meters (and yes I like typin' 'hunerd almost as I like sayin' it). Slowrunner77 ripped 16:32 but after all the cheatin' (age grading) he ended up 32nd place; let's put this in perspective if you added his placings over the last three years, they wouldn't add up to 32 and I don't think he's ever been 32nd in anything in his life--except being a Cav's fan, then he's the worstest. I ran 26:28 and SnowLep gapped me by about 11 seconds at the 2 & 1/4 mile mark. I picked up a couple minutes over 5k since Feb, but I still think my last few races didn't reflect my training gains.

More importantly, SnowLep's boys (Dude & Sweet) rocked the 5-and-under Fun Run. I even got to hop out on the course and high-five the champs during the homestretch. Now SnowLeps's boys are six and shouldn't be in the race but like Jesse "the Mind" Ventura says: "Win when you can, lose when you must; but, always, aways CHEAT!" I freakin' loved it! It ain't like those stupid, little 2-year-old losers Dude & Sweet smoked will grow up to be worth anything; they're from california not Georgia and all they're asleep at the whell parents suck, too. However, SnowLep did the so-called right thing an DQ'd the fellas so all's well that ends well--except my dream of Dude & Sweet dominating the 5-and-under Fun Run circuit.

The day went long, though; we hit River City Brewing where Captain Kev rocked a liter Hefe and the we all rolled to the suckramento zoo to watch snow leopards, flamingos and me yawn.

Bike Training

Popped tall for the 5:45 Spinning Class. Kept the tension light and focused on keeping my cadence @ 95 rpms. I'll start overgearing next week to build strength for TimeTrialing. One funny thing about the class, though, during the whole 45 minutes of class I only knew like 2 songs the cute little girl teaching the class played on her CD player. I guess these vulgarians in Reno ain't ever heard of SKYNYRD.

Swim Training

Hit the pool after work for some hypoxic swimming (good for building lung power). I lost count so I erred on the side of an extra lap (my Mama didn't raise no fenchman). Before I describe the workout, a couple of definitions: length--one end of the pool to the other; lap--to the far end and back. Anyhoo, tonight's swim: For Time: 10 lengths freestyle+1 length swim underwater; 9 lengths freestyle+1 length swim underwater, 8 lengths swim freestyle+1 length swim underwater, and all the way down to 1 length freestyle swim+1 length swim underwater. I finished in 33:03 for 1625 yds total. The underwater swims ended up like a comedy because after making it almost 3 qtrs of the way on the first one; I was beggin' to make it halfway on the rest. I ended up breaststrokin' while holding my breath as long as possible the rest of the way. The freestyle felt good though. I felt long & strong in the water with good leverage during my pulls. Also, I shared my lane to get some waves from the other swimmer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

HOF'er George Brett gets loose

Hall of Fame Third Baseman George Brett has the Kansas City Royals' Manager's(I don't know who manages that squad but if you see George Brett tell him the Kansas City Royals manager is my favorite manager ever) back. Please ignore the intro--I don't know how to edit video.

Actually, he seems strangely calm.

That'll be me when I get run from Verdi.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Concept2 Rower

Hit the gym after work and ripped 5k in 20:44 on the rower. I rowed under 21 minutes for the first time this year so I kinda got pumped. I really want to run 5k at that speed off the bike so I got a lot of work to do. After the row, I slipped in a Yoga practice. This will scare you: I turned down Slowrunner77's offer to drink some bourbon barrelled ales to get my workout in.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concept2 Rower

Hit the Gym after work to row 5k (21:30). I felt flat during the first 2500m but Van Halen came on my Shuffle and I picked it up during the second half.

Crossfit WOD

Hit the Nature Trail for a Medicine Ball/Running Interval Workout. I ripped-off a medicine ball workout from Men's Health and peppered in some 400's for a nice little workout.

For time:
400m Run
20 MB Circles/20 Ball Slams/20 Standing Russian Twists
400m Run
20 Squat to Presses/20 MB Sit-ups/20 Rocky Solos/20 Toe Touchers
4oom Run
20 45 degree twists/20 diagonal touches
400m Run

20:52 (1:41/1:45/1:45/1:41 splits for the 400's)

I forgot one of the exercises and didn't set-up my area before hand so the time is off. In the future, I'll break the exercises into sets of two and up the 400's to six and work up from a 10 lb medicine ball to 20lb.

Erskine Hill

I gave this a great deal of thought. About two hunerd yards on the Verdi Community Library Nature Trail we got us a little hill. It ain't that tall or steep but after a couple of rounds in a workout it makes you dig deep to hold your times. I always like to name the hills I train on because it gives me something cool to think about during tough workouts. After several trips up the hill, I decided to name it after Erk Russell. Coach Russell defines the reason a Georgia Man never quits ever and enjoys a cigar after a fine Georgia Victory. Best of all Coach Russell knows "THERE AIN'T NOTHING LIKE BEING A BULLDOG ON SATURDAY NIGHT!"

Tip your flask and let the guitars blast for Erk and figure I'll GATA on that hill during workouts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Climb the Legacy

Yesterday, we finally got our crack @ the Silver Legacy. The American Lung Association created the event as a fundraiser. I focused more on the race than on the fundraisin' (BOOOOO DAVE!). Anyhoo, I finished around 6:05 for 36 floors. I tell you this racing up a stairwell ain't no joke. I started redlining around the 11th floor and it got ugly from there. We also changed stairwells and I got really discombobulated and struggled to stay smooth. I wanted to go under 6 minutes but just missed. Our team leader, Slowrunner77, won the event @ 3:24. Thankfully, I reached my "B goal" of not taking twice as long. My other teamates rocked and we came close to placing with the top woman finisher too, not bad for a Drinkin' Team w/ a Runnin' Problem.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stair Training

Last stairwell day 'til showtime. Slowrunner77 & I jogged down to the CircusCircus and hit the 28 floors twice. I got up the hill for the first run in 3:43 (my first time under four minutes) and then we went hard for 9 floors before fininshing the second leg. The jog back to the park sucked because my left calf tightened up and made things challenging. Anyhoo, Slowrunner77 scored some Stone IRS so the deathmarch ended up worth it. I iced my calf and watched Star Trek and enjoyed and IRS--all in all a good day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moms on the Run '09

I met SnowLep this AM and we ran the Moms on the Run 5k this morning. SnowLep and I finally got to hang for the first time since she took her new job down in Carson City so we had fun. Also, she needed to get out and about while Capt. Kev and Dude&Sweet(her six-year-old twins) fixed her Mother's Day Brunch. I finished in 27:20 and SnowLep finished a few secs behind. It appears the course went a little long but I ran a little slower than expected. Still a fun morning. The race supports several local cancer charities. I saw one of the superstar third-grade readers after the race so the rumors of me running in pink should explode during recess Monday morning.

SnowLep & I both pretty in pink @ Moms on the Run.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crossfit WOD

Finally, some nice weather. I hit the Nature Trail @ lunch for a little workout. I went with Michael and ripped it in 17:32 I thought I'd get under 18 but this is my fastest time by about 20 seconds so I'm pleased.

3 rounds for time
800m run
50 Back Extensions
50 Crunches

17:32 pr

Now I get to focus on recovery and race on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stair Training

Met w/ Slowrunner77 @ 6:45 in the am for a couple of ascents up the 28 floors of the CircusCircus. Ironically, we both felt some lower leg issues and took it a tad easy. I made the first climb in 4:07 and then hit the first 9 floors of the second time in 1:29 w/ the rest in a blown up 3:29. It looks like the Legacy Climb might be over in under 5 & a half and then I can focus on Indian Springs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Concept2 Rower

After work, I cruised to the gym and rowed 5k in 21:11. I totally talked myself out of this workout until I got about 1500m in. My left calf really tightened up on me at work but I figured since rowinng doesn't bear weight, I could push through.

Crossfit WOD

Scaled Down

4 rounds 400m Run/5 Box Jumps/15 Wall Balls w/ 10# Medicine Ball for time.

I hit the Nature Trail during lunch for a workout w/ a little running. The weather totally blew--as in 40-45 mph gusts. I found it just special when a wind gust blew the ball and it hit me right in the nose. Thankfully it didn't bleed but it rattled me a bit. My run splits seemed really weird 1:42/2:00/1:56/1:42 but I think getting hit in the nose distracted me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rock 'n River 10K

Thankfully I pre-registered for the race because I woke up on a cold and blustery May morning for the Rock 'n River 10K. Then, I realized the race started @ 7:30 and ended up getting down the road early w/out breakfast (not a prob because I do most Sunday training on empty anyhoo). I caught up w/ TLD teammate Turi (before he started the 1/2 marathon) and got my dome right for racing. I ran 10K in 54:18 w/ splits of 28:09 out & 26:09. I went back to my data and I picked up 4 minutes from the Turkey Trot last November and the 26:09 over 5K ranks as my fastest 5K in forever. Slowrunner77 showed up around mile 5 for supports--thanks--and after the race and breakfast we cracked a bottle of Older Viscosity (and it rocked).