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Monday, September 21, 2009

Bike Training

Pedaled up in Cold Springs. Felt out of synch but I think the wind helped w/ that. 13.27 miles in 50:07. Wore my compression sleeves and my legs felt warm the whole time so don't go w/ socks.

Crossfit WOD

I went back to the basics w/ the Begginer's Workout but with a bit of a twist.

1 cycle of the Dirty Dozen
12 reps each: Medicine Ball Circles/Medicine Ball Russian Twist/Deadlift/Pushup/Overhead Squat/Alternating Dumbbell Curls/Ab-Mat Situp/Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Back Extensions/Dumbbell Swing

I'll increase the number of cycles through the end of October and add Ruunning Intervals in a couple wee. Didn't work much of a sweat but I felt my lack of muscular endurance after the Deadlifts.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arena Ball Alive and Well Down South

The Ginger Ninja struck again with a 52-41 Bulldog victory in arkansas. I nearly flipped out when I saw his pick but in hindsight it was a rare bad throw for the night. His numbers looked redonculous and he nailed the "Boomer Stat"--the W. EveryDayShouldBeSaturday glossed Joe Cox the Ginger Ninja but I'm running w/ it. Maybe they'll run w/ "Defender" for CWM(he's about to get the U-Haul in front of the house treatment). Did Cox suffer from the ebola @ osu or something? Because, I really sweated this squads ability to score after opening day.
What really worries me is the Arena Ball scores Georgia is inflicting on the SEC. These crazy scores will eventually bring the conference down (UGA 52-41, 41-37, 42-45 in a loss last year, 52-38 @ Baton Rouge last year; auburn 41-30 over wvu, kentucky 31-27 over louisville). These scores off the top of my head look like big 12, pac-10 junk especially when the SEC gapped those conferences about 4 years ago. If College Football runs in cycles the SEC(especially UGA) better play proper fredom lovin', American Defense!


Finally un-hobbled and ready to go!

CrossfitEndurance WOD: 15:00 90% Concept2 Rower--3562m
My HR battery died so I guesstimated my effort for 90% and was all over the place. Felt fluid but I'm about 6 sec/500m slow for now. I also used the #10 Dampers setting w/ a slow stroke for minute pace (around 30) so I might change that up. I played some AD/DC on the iPod and it worked!

Crossfit WOD: Rest Day (Whew!)

Followed it w/ Yoga Practice.