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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bike Training

Got a lunch break Time Trial in. It looks like pedalin' during lunch will be tough time-wise (unless it get faster). After a short warm-up, I did 5.1 mi in 15:34 with a cool u-turn through a roundabout. The wind became a factor as I had it behind me to get up to speed but it really held me back in the second half. I couldn't get on my big chainring and really had to finesse my pedal stroke to get over the inclines w/ the breeze in my grill (not my style) and I held back from sprinting to the line.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bike Training

Did three laps of the Cold Springs loop for 20.miles. I rode super easy, but had to fight the winds a bit. I like the loop because ther's only one stop sign that comes on a downhill so you get back up to speed quick. Gonna TimeTrial in the morning so we'll see what's what.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bike Training

Went uphill a little over 19 miles on the bike around hign noon. I got a total of 1740ft climbing in as well as measuring a couple climbs to use as measuring stick. I generally use Las Brisas Dr from McCarron to Robb Dr to test my climbing (400ft in elevation over 1.6 miles for about a 5% grade or close to a Cat 4 climb in the Tour). I hit it in 12:04 but I had to use my smallest chairing so I got some work to do. I don't want to set any time goals until I can climb it in my middle chainring. I threw in a couple of climbs just under a mile @ 4% & 5% grade. Then I cruised home up North Virginia 3% grade over 3.4 mi. Interestingly, I hit all these climbs inside Reno city limits--I'd hate to see what happens out in the wilds.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bike Training

Drove up to Cold Springs and pedaled 16 miles. I threw in a 5k Time Trial on the second lap in 9:04 (20.5 mph). I used my GPS to measure the interval and sort of forgot cutting all the tangents didn't really shorten the ride. I felt a little soft on the inclines w/ the wind in my face but I figure my top end power is a bit lacking. I rode my cyclocross rig in baggies so the time wasn't that bad.