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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

C2 Rower TT

Sunday took a bit of a toll and with some tightness in my right calf I decided to skip running this week. Swimming doesn't really get me in shape. I get through the water efficiently so I only train my stroke a few weeks before a race (I consider swimming 10% fitness and the rest a mix of technique and water courage). I didn't wake up in time for a Spinning Class. I really needed a workout today. Thankfully the crew @ Crossfit Endurance rx'd a Time Trial (TT) for today's workout so I got to row 2k. Right now I want to improve my overall physical conditioning so I plan on adding some C2 rowing to supplement my program. I like the rower because: a) it provides a total body workout, b) it ain't weight bearing, c) it requires technique and d) it allows you to push your heart rate to high levels.

I cruised to the gym after work to rip a 2K TT. I warmed up with some arm circles, leg swings, hip rotations, glute bridges and sumo squats. Then I hit the Gravitron Machine for some 100# assisted pull-ups (2,3,2,2,4 ((I followed the 100 push-up challenge plan))) and then hit the rower for 2K in 7:50 w/ 155 avg hr & 168 max hr (roughly 83% of 220-age hr). I think I went under 8 minutes once before so this might be a PR but I felt pretty solid while redlining. Then I walked the indoor track until my hr got under 112.

Finally, I broke out my massage stick and gave my calves some attention so I should get put back together again.

Oh yeah, a sub-8 min means a reward I went with a Green Flash Le Freak.

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Ken said...


Love your posts. I noticed you had a link to The Stick. I actually distribute Sticks up in Canada. If your readers from Canada are interested, they can find us @ www.thestick.ca