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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crossfit WOD

5K Row

Got lucky w/ this one. I hit the gym and forgot some tunes of course but still got after it. I Warmed-up easy w/ 10 minutes on the Treadmill and then threw in 10 Clockwise 12# MB Circles, 10 20# DB Swings, 10 12# MB Russian Twists, 10 20# DB Swings, 10 12 # MB Russian Twists, 20 Db Swings & 10 Counter-Clockwise 12# MB Circles. Next I hit 5 120# Gravitron Pull-ups. Then I ripped 5K on the Rower in 21:14 my first sub-22:00 time in 3 years. I cracked around 3500m but held on to a good time.

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