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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock n Roll AZ 1/2 Marathon

Joined RT and his lovely bride Gabs in Tempe for Rock n Roll Arizona.  I planned on doing the marathon but stepped-down at the last minute to do the half.  I felt good about the race as I ended up about a half minute faster than my last 1/2 marathon.  The course started rolling in the last four miles and I faded in the last mile but felt good most of the race.

Gabs ran her first marathon and rocked it sub-5 hrs so we all felt thrilled and celebrated @ La Bocca in Tempe later in the evening.

Pre-Race:  they started the race by a Memorial Park in Phoenix and I snapped this as a motivational tool.

Starting Line
A KISS Dance Team -- better & cooler than any band along the course
Goofing along the course
RT & Gabs post-race
Gabs: Marathon Queen for the Day!  (my staff created a fitting tiara)

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