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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crossfit WOD

Hit the Nature Trail for a Medicine Ball/Running Interval Workout. I ripped-off a medicine ball workout from Men's Health and peppered in some 400's for a nice little workout.

For time:
400m Run
20 MB Circles/20 Ball Slams/20 Standing Russian Twists
400m Run
20 Squat to Presses/20 MB Sit-ups/20 Rocky Solos/20 Toe Touchers
4oom Run
20 45 degree twists/20 diagonal touches
400m Run

20:52 (1:41/1:45/1:45/1:41 splits for the 400's)

I forgot one of the exercises and didn't set-up my area before hand so the time is off. In the future, I'll break the exercises into sets of two and up the 400's to six and work up from a 10 lb medicine ball to 20lb.

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