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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rock 'n River 10K

Thankfully I pre-registered for the race because I woke up on a cold and blustery May morning for the Rock 'n River 10K. Then, I realized the race started @ 7:30 and ended up getting down the road early w/out breakfast (not a prob because I do most Sunday training on empty anyhoo). I caught up w/ TLD teammate Turi (before he started the 1/2 marathon) and got my dome right for racing. I ran 10K in 54:18 w/ splits of 28:09 out & 26:09. I went back to my data and I picked up 4 minutes from the Turkey Trot last November and the 26:09 over 5K ranks as my fastest 5K in forever. Slowrunner77 showed up around mile 5 for supports--thanks--and after the race and breakfast we cracked a bottle of Older Viscosity (and it rocked).


Turi said...

Good job out there, Dave. Sorry I missed the Old Viscosity - those crazy stouts are a little much for me anyway...

SnowLeopard said...

Aaaahh, Dave, I WISH I could have run with you! I'm going about crazy over here missing all these races, and not being to run at all! (I did ride my bike for an hour and a half last night though to make up for missing the race...)

Nice job on your splits, and your "first PR in forever!" :)

slowrunner77 said...

if yer goin' crazy, idunno...SHOW UP TO THE RACE. Excuses are like a...anyway, you get the point. Nice run, Dave, and thanks for splittin' a cool brew with me. Looking forward to 7 more newbies on Thursday!!!