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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swim Training

Hit the pool after work for some hypoxic swimming (good for building lung power). I lost count so I erred on the side of an extra lap (my Mama didn't raise no fenchman). Before I describe the workout, a couple of definitions: length--one end of the pool to the other; lap--to the far end and back. Anyhoo, tonight's swim: For Time: 10 lengths freestyle+1 length swim underwater; 9 lengths freestyle+1 length swim underwater, 8 lengths swim freestyle+1 length swim underwater, and all the way down to 1 length freestyle swim+1 length swim underwater. I finished in 33:03 for 1625 yds total. The underwater swims ended up like a comedy because after making it almost 3 qtrs of the way on the first one; I was beggin' to make it halfway on the rest. I ended up breaststrokin' while holding my breath as long as possible the rest of the way. The freestyle felt good though. I felt long & strong in the water with good leverage during my pulls. Also, I shared my lane to get some waves from the other swimmer.

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SnowLeopard said...

What?!? You couldn't make it all the way across in one breath? Even Sean and Ashton can make it a full 25 yards underwater! ;) Nice to see you doing some swim training too- mine only consisted of an 850 today because they closed early on me...