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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Excuses 5k

Cruised over to suckramento for the No Excuses 5k. Slowrunner77, his wife and daughter let me crash w/ them in Grass Valley (insert Ricky Williams joke here) at the in-laws and we got goin' for a Memorial Day race. This race adds a little wrinkle because they invent some wild handicap system that allows people to win by subtracting time versus crossing the line--it's still a little hazy. I misread my handicap and kept telling Slowrunner77 I had 11 seconds on him when actually I was more and he had to endure the whole "I'm standin' behind you but I'm really up the road 11 second in front of you" comments about one million, three 'hunerd forty-seven thousand, two 'hunerd & thirty-four times--or like 3 less beers than he's rated. For the record he erased the deficit within five 'hunerd meters (and yes I like typin' 'hunerd almost as I like sayin' it). Slowrunner77 ripped 16:32 but after all the cheatin' (age grading) he ended up 32nd place; let's put this in perspective if you added his placings over the last three years, they wouldn't add up to 32 and I don't think he's ever been 32nd in anything in his life--except being a Cav's fan, then he's the worstest. I ran 26:28 and SnowLep gapped me by about 11 seconds at the 2 & 1/4 mile mark. I picked up a couple minutes over 5k since Feb, but I still think my last few races didn't reflect my training gains.

More importantly, SnowLep's boys (Dude & Sweet) rocked the 5-and-under Fun Run. I even got to hop out on the course and high-five the champs during the homestretch. Now SnowLeps's boys are six and shouldn't be in the race but like Jesse "the Mind" Ventura says: "Win when you can, lose when you must; but, always, aways CHEAT!" I freakin' loved it! It ain't like those stupid, little 2-year-old losers Dude & Sweet smoked will grow up to be worth anything; they're from california not Georgia and all they're asleep at the whell parents suck, too. However, SnowLep did the so-called right thing an DQ'd the fellas so all's well that ends well--except my dream of Dude & Sweet dominating the 5-and-under Fun Run circuit.

The day went long, though; we hit River City Brewing where Captain Kev rocked a liter Hefe and the we all rolled to the suckramento zoo to watch snow leopards, flamingos and me yawn.

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SnowLeopard said...

Dave, you SO make me laugh! Yes, it was my mistake that I signed up my boys for the wrong distance, but I didn't bust their glory bubble- in their minds they won outright, if it makes you happy.

Although I don't know HOW you could yawn through the snow leopard exhibit... :) Thanks once again for running with me! And we seem to be switching back and forth on our finishes- it's your turn next race to beat me~