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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moms on the Run '09

I met SnowLep this AM and we ran the Moms on the Run 5k this morning. SnowLep and I finally got to hang for the first time since she took her new job down in Carson City so we had fun. Also, she needed to get out and about while Capt. Kev and Dude&Sweet(her six-year-old twins) fixed her Mother's Day Brunch. I finished in 27:20 and SnowLep finished a few secs behind. It appears the course went a little long but I ran a little slower than expected. Still a fun morning. The race supports several local cancer charities. I saw one of the superstar third-grade readers after the race so the rumors of me running in pink should explode during recess Monday morning.

SnowLep & I both pretty in pink @ Moms on the Run.


SnowLeopard said...

Thanks so much for running with me Dave, and pushing me! I really needed that, and it felt good. :) I can really tell that you've been training hard! Yay!

Turi said...

That IS a darling bandanna, Dave. At least you weren't wearing a jogbra...